Training – Whangie & Burncrooks

After speaking to the lovely Jo and Ryan from Glasgow Trailfest they mentioned this loop. I reading their blog it also mentioned a partnership with the guys over at Find Your Adrenaline, and there are prizes to be won! A great incentive to get out in the freezing weather and explore the Kilpatricks on this 10km route.

I spoke to Vicky and she agreed to come along to take a few photos as long as it was a nice easy pace. Kitted out in the OMM jacket I bought from FYA and the Trailfest buff we headed out nice and early.

Neither of us had done this 10km loop before and I’d only done the Whangie Wizz loop a few times so it was nice to go and explore.

It started out a nice crisp Saturday morning run before turning into an icy adventure trying to get up the Whangie! The paths up are usually a nice little stream but because of the cold weather, all of it was frozen solid.

We tentatively carried on up that Whangie and got some amazing views of the cloud inversion which was blanketing Loch Lomond – Ben Lomond in the distance.

The route skirted the Whangie initially and ran through the large cliff face bolders.

Vicky did a cracking job to document the run in photos and I thank her for that, especially because she fell over on the ice as we were passing the reservoir hahaha – Don’t worry, I’ll treat her to coffee later today!

Once you drop down off the Whangies deer tracks, you make an anti-clockwise loop around the Burncrooks Reservoir. As we got halfway around you could still see the low clouds lingering over Loch Lomond.

This is the only part of the route which wasn’t really icy either.

The route then rejoined the same tracks back up, this time though we visited the cairn on the Whangie to get some photos – Heather bashing our way up parallel to the icy path.

A walker caught up to us who we had passed earlier so we had to try and run fast to get by him. On most days, running along the top is usually pretty boggy but today it was good old ice again. There were a few slips before we carried on at a slow safe shuffle.

It was a good extended loop of the classic Whangie Wizz route which we’ll both no doubt run again.

Thanks to both Glasgow Trailfest and Find Your Adrenaline for documenting this route for November.

Strava links: Ian and Vicky.

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