Training – Double Ben Lomond

I thought it would be nice to share some photos from my recent training run: A double loop of Ben Lomond, both times going up the Ptarmigan path and down the tourist route.

Arriving at Rowardennan while it was still dark, I never packed a headtorch and had to wait for around 20 minutes until it was light enough to start.

Each loop was about 7.5 miles and took me just under 2 hour 30 mins per loop.

The first loop was quite scary in places because it was pretty foggy and very icy under the snow.

Loop 1

Trying to find the path up.

No views the first time up here.

Loop 2

It was mentally tough when I got back to my car for food and drink, knowing I’ve to head out and do another loop of it. I was hoping that the weather would be a bit nicer and the ice might have melted a little bit more.

No views from the top the second time round.

Loch Lomond looking pretty in the winter sun.

The greenary looked very pretty when it was all frozen too:

A great day out, back in time for lunch!

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