A review of 2016

So after sitting down and working it out: 25% of 2016 I’ve been unable to run! Hopefully next year will be a different story and try to remain as injury free as possible!

It’s been hard work dealing with it, not being able to go out and do something you love, but I think I’ve learnt from my past mistakes and hopefully go into the New Year stronger than ever.

I’d like to thank everyone who was around me through these times, offering advice, encouragement and support, especially everyone after the West Highland Way DNF! My awesome crews for the various races and super support team, and fellow running buddies!

Best race of 2016:

Only done 6 races this year, my lowest since I started running 4 years ago.

  • Glentress Marathon – Feb
  • Alloa Half Marathon – Feb
  • Milngavie Trail Race – June
  • CCC – August
  • Hardmoors 60 – September
  • Kendal 10km – November

Easily the best race of the year was the CCC. Visiting Chamonix with Vicky and soak in the atmosphere of the full UTMB event was excellent. The CCC was 101km with 22,000+ft elevation, incredibly hard but just as awesome. Coming off an injury this was a good performance and one I am most proud about, shaving 2 hours from my estimated time and finishing incredibly strong. I loved running through the town at 8am with a Scottish flag and seeing everyone at the finish – Including Victoria!

Runners snaking up the first climb


Glentress Marathon was a close second, this course was very tough and I ran pretty hard on the second half, totally loved the climbing in this, which I think helped set me up for the CCC later in the year.

Beautiful skies on the first loop

Hardmoors 60 mile was great purely for the majestic views along the shore line.But after 60 miles I was a bit sick of the views haha.

Most Surprising moment of 2016:

A half marathon road PB. No idea where that really came from and didn’t expect it at all: Alloa Half Marathon in March.

I ran comfortably hard throughout and pushed the pace for the last 3 or 4 miles, managing to sneak in at 1 hour 32 minutes.

Best training runs of 2016:

#5 – A whiteout on the Cobbler was pretty scary but a good experience.

#4 – Doing a double Stob Bennien & Ben More run alone was really hard work, but the cloud inversion and beauty of those mountains made it worth it!

#3 – Arrocher Alps 4 munros in the baking sun.

Top of Beinn Narnain looking back at Ben Ime (Left) and Ben Vane (Right) where we’d come from

#2 – Full ‘Ring of Steall’ route along the dicey ridges in the sun.

Devils Ridge

#1 – Five 4000ft Munro Cairngorms route – This was the hardest of them all but offered superb views, a sprained finger, a snapped pole, rainbows and freezing rain in dense fog.

Fell straight away in the Chalamain Gap

Top of Ben Macdui

Looking forward to 2017!

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